6 Nontraditional Wedding Venues in Minneapolis

Finding that perfect venue where you and your fiancé can declare your love for one another can be an intimidating venture. But with the right guidance and event planning, and with a spark of creativity and romance, your path to the right wedding location can be a very rewarding one. So, how does one decide on a direction for the right venue?

These days, it seems commonplace to have weddings and receptions in nontraditional settings. Some weddings take place in old barns for that rustic aesthetic; others take place in concert halls. One question you may want to consider as you and your wedding planner decide on the best place for your marriage is: Where do your passions lie and what sort of backdrop or aesthetic do you want?

To help you navigate the wide waters of venues, we have compiled the following list of dynamic, nontraditional wedding venues in and around Minneapolis.  

1. The Depot

If you are looking for a good mix of rustic and elegant, The Depot is the venue for you. This historic venue is located just a block south of the Mississippi River and about two blocks west of the Mill City Museum, making it a prime location for beautiful wedding photos. The arched doorways and windows and the varying brick walls are perfect for a couple looking to marry in that industrial, old-timey setting. The Depot also boasts a reception area size big enough to house a party of up to 2,000 guests and complimentary wedding event tasting.

2. Day Block Event Center

For the couples seeking a more intimate setting, the Day Block Event Center provides just that. Day Block is just south of the Mississippi River and a block or so north of U.S. Bank Stadium. Like The Depot, this space provides ample opportunity for good photos as it offers a rustic charm right in the middle of Minneapolis. The building was erected in 1883 and its classic look has been preserved throughout the years, despite renovations. Day Block also boasts a 50-foot balcony that overlooks the Minneapolis skyline, wood floors, high ceilings, and modern restrooms.

3. Jefe Urban Cocina

For a nontraditional venue with a medieval aesthetic, look no further than Jefe Urban Cocina. This venue houses several rooms of varying sizes and ancient décor. The Hall of Kings, with its stone walls and high ceilings, houses a wedding of 50-200 guests. Other rooms, like the Dragon Lounge, are perfect for a drink after the rehearsal or for guests looking to take a quick break from wedding festivities. For an outside ceremony or reception, you can also reserve the Shasta Tent. This tent is custom-made with hand-wrought iron work and vintage chandeliers. Typically, wedding parties will pair the Shasta Tent with Jefe’s River Room.

4. Earle Brown Heritage Center

Earle Brown Heritage Center is a great choice for couples hoping to have a rural countryside vibe without going too far from the Minneapolis loop. Their fountain and flowerbeds make for gorgeous photos and a picture-perfect ceremony. Concerned about an outdoor wedding getting rained on? Earle Brown Heritage Center boasts of an easy-to-implement Plan B to get your guests indoors and keep the party going. Among the many rooms on Earle Brown’s property is their main hall, Carriage Hall. The recently updated Carriage Hall is a nearly 13,000 square foot space with an arched ceiling and can host up to 1,200 guests. What’s more, Carriage Hall’s neutral tones and modern lighting provide an excellent opportunity for décor options.

5. Padelford Riverboats

Couples looking to think outside-the-box with their wedding venue may want to consider a wedding on the water with Padelford Riverboats. With the ability to host not only your wedding, but your rehearsal dinner, bridal showers, and parties, Padelford Riverboats allows you and your wedding planner to keep things tight knit while still having a unique, nontraditional wedding experience on the Mississippi River. And their simple but elegant interiors also allow you to decorate your wedding how you see fit.

6. Target Field

Minneapolis wedding planners need go no further than the easy-to-spot venue in their own backyard. Did we say venue? Sorry, we meant stadium! Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins, provides several wedding package options for couples hoping to express their love with the baseball diamond. Have your ceremony right on the field or reserve one of the many indoor options while overlooking the beautiful park. Take your photos right at home plate with the gorgeous Minneapolis skyline and scoreboard behind you. Twins baseball lovers will find themselves in awe with the array of festivities the park can provide their wedding.

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